Thursday, March 06, 2008


So my brother called me yesterday and asked if I was familiar with Googlemaps streetview. I said I'd heard of it, but not really looked at anything.

"Well, guess whose car is parked in front of mom & dad's house?"

"Um, yours?"

"Nope, yours!"

So they must have been taking pictures last August, since that was the only time I'd visited in quite a while. So then I looked up my house, and since our garage is open, you can see our car in our photo, too. Pretty cool!


Debra said...

That IS weird. What are the odds your car would show up in both pictures? Maybe they're using your car as the "Where's Waldo" or Easter egg of Google Street Maps.

mindy said...

Hee hee! Too bad I don't know where they're photographing next. Of course, what are the chanced I'd want to go there?