Friday, March 07, 2008

not just another cold

I started feeling sick Monday evening, and spent about 7-8 hours in bed on Tuesday. The overwhelming fatigue has been combined with nasty congestion, coughing due to the congestion, and chills bad enough to make me want to climb into the fireplace. My appetite has been nonexistent. Last night I wore a long sleeved shirt to bed, and very early this morning it was so sweat-drenched that I had to take it off because it was getting clammy. I've not felt as bad as I did Tuesday, so I think that was the worst of it, but this is unlike any cold I've ever had. SO maybe it's the flu, or that flu-like thing that seems to be going around. Thankfully I haven't been throwing up, though yesterday I wished I would. The kids have the same thing, but seem to be holding up okay. Yesterday was the first day I tried to get some housework done, so by evening I was exhausted again. David feels like he is coming down with something, too, but hopefully he won't get as bad a case as I have. He has a pretty tough immune system. I think moms should be invincible. Is there anything harder than being sick and trying to stay sane enough to take care of sick kids? I don't know how long this is supposed to last, but I'm hoping I'm near the end of it.


Debra said...

Oh dear. You poor thing. I was hoping this would have left you by now. Need any help with laundry? That and dishes are the first to go when I'm sick. I'd be happy to run a few loads (sans underoos if you prefer).

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Poor Mindy-I'm so sorry.I hope you are better soon.

mindy said...

Thanks girlies. Sometimes a little sympathy can go a long way in improving one's spirits. :o)

You're sweet to offer, Debra. I actually started doing laundry again yesterday (first I'd done ALL WEEK!) and now I just need to fold it! I figure if I do a little bit at a time throughout the day, it won't be so overwhelming.