Thursday, January 28, 2010

cruel irony

The first night all week that Sprout sleeps well, David's cell phone alarm starts going off at 5 a.m. and I can't find it in the dark to turn it off (plus it was a really weird alarm so I didn't even know it was his phone until later--I thought it was his computer or the laptop or something) and goes off every ten minutes and he's not around because he's working out downstairs (except I thought he was in the garage and I didn't want to find him to solve the problem). I finally got up at 6. I did get out of bed twice and stumble around the room trying to localize the source of the sound before it stopped.


At least I had time to exercise this morning.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

another picture post

As the resident photographer, I don't often get on the "action" side of the camera.

Friday, January 08, 2010

little guy

This little guy is so ridiculously lovable.

Earlier this week I was feeling frustrated that he wasn't going down for naps easily anymore, as the "nurse to sleep" thing seems to not be working so well. He's also too big for him to feel comfortable enough to go to sleep when I am holding him. So after lamenting to David, we decide to try and institute an actual naptime routine. This was Tuesday, so Tuesday afternoon I took him into the room where he naps, laid down with him, nursed him while singing a couple of songs, then laid him on my chest and patted him for a few minutes while humming, and within ten minutes he was asleep. And he slept for about 1.5 hours. Wow. I was impressed. The next morning, when he seemed to be getting fussy, I did the same thing. He was out in less than 10 minutes. That afternoon, same thing. On Thursday, same thing for both naps. Every time he has napped at LEAST an hour. And prior to this, for the past week or so, he'd been napping only 15-30 minutes at best during the day, unless David was holding him. Today, the same thing, plus we got up earlier, which I hope to continue as we'd been sleeping in a bit too late. Or rather, he'd be restless and I'd keep trying to convince him to sleep a little bit longer.

So, I'm really excited about this new "routine". The other kids were not so easily persuaded to sleep. Their naptime routines took at least 30 minutes. 10 minutes or less is great, since I'm usually in the middle of doing school with Noodle & Spud.

He's also into EVERYTHING these days. I think it deserves its own post.

So, hooray for naps!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

one of those times....

when you've failed to mention so much, so where do you begin?

Spud turned FIVE on Christmas Eve. Thanks to some good bargain hunting (and calling around to half a dozen Shopko stores when the item was on sale), he got some fun birthday gifts. The big one was a Hot Wheels Raceway. It's nothing super fancy, but you can race 4 cars at a time and it does tell you which car won, so that's fun.

Christmas was a lot of fun. We opened gifts here in the morning and then headed down to David's folks house. After opening gifts, hanging out and lunching there, we forewent (is that the past tense of "forego"?) the traditional Christmas movie (as we didn't want to take Leif to a theater) and went to my sister Melody's house. My brother Dave and his girlfriend showed up there a bit later, and we had a nice time playing games and just hanging out. I liked seeing my family, too. Even though there are quite a number of us around here (Dave up in Salt Lake county, and Melody and Jeff & I all around here with our families) we don't get together that frequently unless Mom & Dad are in town. I think I'll try and make more of a point of getting together with them on holidays when possible. It was fun.

With a lot of hard work, I finished all the kids' dolls before Christmas. Noodle is in love with her doll. She has been taking her everywhere. Spud likes his, too, mostly because he can play with Noodle. Sprout's doll is up on a shelf for now. He'd happily play with it, but I figure we'll save it for when he's older.

As for the New Year, I'm working on finalizing my resolutions. I'm giving myself the first 10 days to get it all sorted out. Don't want to be too hasty, you know!