Friday, March 27, 2009

As Pumba said...

"You've gotta put your behind in the past."

I had a very neat/odd experience a couple weeks back. I was perusing the facebook pages of some friends and saw a comment from a childhood friend of mine on another friend's page. At the time, I wasn't "FB friends" with the childhood friend, but I immediately sent her a friend request. Shortly after that, another childhood friend added me as a friend. On that day, so many memories started rushing through my mind, it was like someone had just opened the floodgates as old emotions and experiences came pouring out. So many things I hadn't thought about in 20 years. I was amazed that they were even still in my brain somewhere.

I don't know how other people remember their past, but I do know that for me, most of my experiences as a child and teenager are pretty fuzzy. I tend to remember them about the same as I remember movies that I've watched--often the emotion of the situation is not really there and I don't remember a lot of specifics. I wish I remembered a lot of the experiences more vividly, but I don't. I've wondered if part of it is that when I left for college I was really ready for a new start. I'd had a pretty great life up to that point, but hadn't really felt like I had discovered who I really was. I was ready to leave a lot of the old me (at least the me that had developed during adolescence) behind and become who I was truly meant to be. I think perhaps this conscious separation from my former self might have severed some of the connection to a lot of the memories. Plus, after leaving my hometown to come to BYU, I never returned for more than a week or so at a time, so I didn't have much chance to remind myself of the past. One time I went home, probably about 6 years after I'd left and I went to my old high school just to walk around. I felt so many old emotions and feelings come over me that it was almost frightening! It was certainly unnerving to have those thoughts and feelings come up unbidden.

Well, I've strayed from my original intent, which was to somehow address the uniqueness of experience and how we really do live in isolated realities, but this is getting somewhat lengthy so perhaps I'll save those thoughts for another day. But I am curious if anyone cares to share what memories are like for them and how vivid they are. I hope that in the next life we'll easily be able to recall our favorite experiences and get to feel the thrill again of some of the best days from various times in life.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

too blue to blog

So I've not been up to blogging lately. I find that when I'm feeling down, it's hard to work up any motivation to share thoughts or connect with others (though a couple of friends have been kind enough to listing to me rant and cry). Lately I've just been feeling overwhelmed (again). Though it hasn't been the kids that have been overwhelming me, which I count as a sign of good progress in that area!

Noodle & Spud have spent much free time this week playing with the Legos that David brought back from his parents' house. Oh what fun they have! Noodle plays Legos a lot like I did when I was a kid - building houses, making little Lego critters (I made birds as we didn't have any lego animals, she is lucky enough to have two Lego horses and a shark!) and acting out scenarios with the various Lego people. Luckily I snagged the "girl hair" we had at my house way back when, as otherwise we only have helmets and hats, and Noodle doesn't like pretending that the helmet-wearers COULD be girls whose hair you just can't see. One of these days we'll do an order from the Lego store and get some more girl hair...then it will be less of a "Smurfette" situation. Anyways, it's pretty fun to watch them play, especially when they play nicely, which they have been doing most of the week!

We went to the Walter Wick exhibit at the BYU Art Museum yesterday afternoon. He's the "I Spy" guy. Pretty fun stuff. If you're local, I highly recommend it. Even Spud enjoyed it. It runs through sometime in August.

I think I'm turning the corner in my melancholy, though, so in case you are dying to see more random videos, lolcats, or pictures of my kids, you might soon be in luck!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

14.8 pounds

with his clothes on. He's seven weeks old today. :o) At least we know he isn't starving, right?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

noodle & sprout

David's sister Tina came up for a visit this week. She was hanging out with the kids for a while and got these pictures. I love the ones of Noodle & Sprout--you can see what a loving big sister she is.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, I haven't posted much about him since his arrival five and a half weeks ago, but it isn't because I'm not madly in love with this little guy. He is SUCH a sweet little baby. He really doesn't care to fuss much, only when he needs to tell you what's going on. The first three or so weeks he LOATHED getting his diaper changed, but now he's cool with it. He's still not a huge fan of having clothes put on or off if they have to go over his head, but he doesn't cry every time we do that, either, so he's learning that his head will not, in fact, come off with the onesie.

During the night, he sleeps pretty well. We co-sleep with his crib next to us, though for now he's still on our mattress. He wakes up a couple times usually to nurse, but then goes right back to sleep. He also takes pretty good naps during the day. Today he sat happily in the bouncy seat while I bounced him softly with my foot while I brushed Daisy. He's not a huge fan of the car, but usually calms down after a bit.

I think we got some early grins today...very subtle, while we played peek-a-boo. Soon enough, I'm sure.

He had his first cold this past week. We were a but nervous since he is so young, but he came through it all okay.

Oh, and he doesn't have colicky (i.e. unexplained fussy) times AND he doesn't spit up. So he's pretty easy to have around.

His baby acne still flares up, and I wonder if it's stuck around this long because I'm having some thyroid issues.

Noodle has been a great big sister. She loves
to carry him around, which is pretty cute because he's almost half her length/height. She does great, though. She is careful with him and is happy to walk around and do anything she can to help him be happy. It's great to have an extra set of arms that can hold him while I do other things occasionally. Spud loves him, too, though he isn't really interested in holding him. Mostly he just asks how he's doing and brings him toys and such.

So, yeah, Sprout is doing great.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Look Lisa, I'm Learnding!"

So the word for the weekend (I guess, since it's been up for more than a day) is pied-a-terre, which I actually had heard before, thanks to Baby Mama. Being a huge fan of both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I was happy that I loved this movie so much. I saw it twice in theaters, once with my sister-in-law Anita and once with some girlfriends. Then once with David at home on video. And then another time on video when I needed something to watch while doing laundry/chores. And I still laugh every time.

So, you should see it if you like their kind of humor.* You might learn something new, even.

*I am not responsible for your enjoyment or lack thereof of this movie. This is not intended to replace competent medical advice.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

don't you wish...

your family was cute like mine?* (Okay, so that only works [or has a chance of working] for any of you who know the "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" song. So, 'fess up--who knows that song?)

*And actually, I know you all have very cute families.