Saturday, November 03, 2012

Almost 8 weeks

This last week has had some hard days. There was one really great day, though, as well. On that day we had some good naps that overlapped, so I got some homeschool lessons in with Zion, plus I made a ton of pizza dough to freeze,and also got some things organized in the house. On that day I thought, "Hey, I might be figuring this whole twin thing out!"

Sadly,that night and the next day reduced me to tears again and made me feel completely overwhelmed once more. Oh, and that terrible day happened to be Halloween. Thankfully my kids didn't need much in the way of assistance with their costumes. I put up a No Candy sign on the door, for which I felt a little bad, but between nursing both babies and trying to settle them down to sleep by myself (David was out with the boys), I figured it was better not to answer than to be really annoyed about every trick or greater who came to the door.


Does it tell you something that the twins are nearly 15 weeks old (I think) and I haven't had a chance to come back to finish this post?

Just going to post it and call it good.