Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I'm sick again

Lame. I've been out for the count going on 11 days now, which is beyond frustrating as the weather has been amazing but I spend half the day resting in bed. The kids all have the same thing I do, but seem to not have the same severity of symptoms. I started on antibiotics last night, so I am hoping that this is in fact bacterial and that I will turn the corner soon. Rather than bore/disgust you with a catalog of m symptoms, I will instead tell you some happy news.

I'm pregnant! We will be welcoming Baby #4 at the end of September. That is partly why this illness has been so distressing, as there are lots of medicines you can't take and I've also had some fever problems, which can be dangerous for the baby. We are hoping and praying that everything is still going fine, though.