Sunday, December 23, 2012

Better late than never...

Three months (written in December)

The babies are now three months old. Happily, I feel like things have gotten a bit easier since about 12 weeks (though it hadn't helped much that I've been sick twice since then). They. Can go a little longer when awake without needing my direct attention, they smile and interact with us more, they are napping a little better most days... Good stuff.

Max is our giggler. It's pretty easy to get him into a fit of laughter by tickling his ribs or tummy. Really it's insanely cute. His smile is so joyful that you feel like the world must be a pretty great place whenever he flashes it at you.

He is easy to get to sleep, most of the time. He likes to be swaddled, suck in his pacifier, and held in his side in the crook of your arm. Give him those three things, and he can usually let sleep overtake him without too much protest.