Wednesday, March 05, 2008

fun factoid

Noodle was looking at some "world" stickers and one of them had the Eiffel Tower on it, so I told her about it and showed her some photos online. And of course told her how I've been to the top! Looking at wikipedia I learned that the tower opened on my birthday, May 6th. How cool is that?

Also, you can do a wikipedia search for your birthday and it will tell you things that happened on that day. For example, I share my birthday with Sigmund Freud (which I knew), two popes, George Clooney, Willie Mays, Orson Welles, and Tony Blair. And Henry David Thoreau as well as Maria Montessori died on my birthday.

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KristinR said...

Hi there. I was searching for a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and your blog came up under the first choice--does that scare you at all? I haven't jumped into the blogging scene, mostly because I can't imagine a journal of mine for all to read, but perhaps one day I'll jump into the 21st century and get with it. My question is: are those "code" names, to keep your children safer? I'm always wondering how people feel safe when sharing so much information on the internet. Thanks for your reply,
PS. You can check me out at and put in my zip code 12019 (I also went to BYU) (: