Saturday, March 29, 2008

band-aids, bread & babysitting

It has been a full & busy week. In a totally unprecedented move, I made bread THREE times this week. I made white rolls on Monday, whole wheat rolls on Wednesday (I also made chocolate chip cookies that day) and garlic breadsticks on Thursday. I have become very good friends with my breadmaker. I love that making the dough with the breadmaker is nearly fool-proof, because when it comes to bread, I have a high level of "fool." Spud was so cute, he wanted to help every time. And he was good company, if not the greatest actual help.

I had a highly clutzy week, though, which resulted in spending a good chunk of time with band-aids on my fingers. Earlier in the week I was weeding my front flower beds, and I kept getting snagged by the rose bush. The absolute worst, though, was when I was emptying my smaller weed bucket (an empty cat litter bucket) into the yard waste garbage bin. A long thorn snagged the pad of my thumb and cut it about 1/8 of an inch down. Ouch! I had to keep a band-aid on it for three days before the skin stuck together enough to stop hurting anytime it was touched. I also had bad luck with kitchen knives this week, cutting my fingers twice when cleaning them. And I scraped my fingers while grating cheese, but thankfully there was no blood on that occasion! I've found that a mom's life is not so conducive to keeping band-aids on. Between dishes and diaper changes, I would go through several band-aids a day. Heck, even the kids' band-aids seem to stay on longer!

I usually babysit two days a week for my former graduate advisor, but this week they needed me an extra day, and my doula friend also needed me to watch her kids while she attended a birth, so I had four days of babysitting this week. The kids enjoyed it, and I didn't mind either, but it did mean that a noticeable amount of housework was left undone. Oh well. Some of it can wait until next week and I did get some done today.

Other than that, we've had a fairly uneventful week. It's been really blustery these past couple days, and especially today. It's beautiful and sunny, but the wind is cold enough to keep us mostly inside. I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb...


Blue said...

i'm wondering if you could post how to make your dough in the breadmaker? before i read your blog tonight, i went to Smiths looking for dough. i couldn't find any thawed, ready to use. I used to buy it in Vermont at the store...they had bags of fresh dough that were super cheap. there's Rhodes in the freezer section, but not fresh.

i am craving gourmet pizza these days. i had one in ireland (of all places!) and ever since i've been thinking "i need to figure out a really good recipe to make this at home". the dough is the starting point.

did you go to the snacker? we were sick round these parts. i'd planned to drive the partymobile up but had to cancel. then one by one they all had conflicts and stayed home anyway. holding out for a SLC snacker!

Kirbell said...

That looks just like my counter right, pizza dough, it!

mindy said...

kirsten--I'm glad to know i'm not alone! me vs. the counter is a daily battle around these parts! I think it's about 50/50 who has the victory by bedtime!

blue--My breadmaker has a book & a "Dough" setting, so I've just been able to follow that. It's super straightforward. The breadmaker takes care of the kneading and first rising, which is a big help for me. Check and see if your breadmaker has a dough option, and then you should be able to use the recipes for bread and just make dough. If you don't have the manual anymore, you might try looking online for it. I'm gearing up to try my hand at making pizza sometime in the next couple of weeks. I love pizza!

I didn't make it to the snacker, sadly. The cost of gas is just prohibitively expensive for us right now. I'm sure it was fun, though. Sorry you were sick! March was a sickly month for us and lots of our friends, too. Hopefully April will treat us more kindly!

andrea said...

It's nice to hear about your week. Speaking of randomly injuring yourself...I started to bleed after zipping up my wallet at the grocery store. My thumb snagged on a poorly assembled part. I have no one to blame but myself, because I made my wallet myself. But I did stand there saying, "OW!" long enough to annoy the checkout girl. I'm pretty sure any way.

For your friend wanting good pizza dough, I would recommend the "Quick and Easy Pizza Crust" recipe from I follow it using the first reviewers recommendation of adding the spices. Super easy and yummy!

Debra Biser said...

I'm a little late in commenting but have to say I'm impressed you managed bread three times in a week! I feel successful when I remember to pull a loaf out of the freezer before I'm in a panic standing at the counter with peanut butter on a knife and nowhere to put it! Way to go!

And let's just be a little more careful, shall we? I think you will be happier if you maintain all ten fingers.

mindy said...

drea, I still remember your thumb-slicing incident with the squash. And I remember how useless I was...I think I went and laid down on my bed when I started to feel faint. But I did help you shave down in Blanding, so I'm not a completely worthless friend.

debra, thank you! My inner Becky Homecky was quite self-satisfied! This week, so far, has been completely band-aid free. For me, anyways. Spud's gone through a few.