Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Celebrations

It was a perfect day yesterday! When we got out of church at noon it was a bit windy, but within the hour that had calmed down and it was just sunny and warm. We wanted to get some pictures of the kids in their cute clothes from Nana Diana (David's mom) so we attempted a photo shoot, with so-so results.

I was really grateful that she often buys their Easter clothes for them, as money has been especially tight this month, so they wouldn't have gotten anything otherwise. And I think Spud's outfit is the cutest thing ever! He felt quite dapper when he was all ready for church in the morning.

Can you see the dirt clod he was dismantling? Why do we even try to keep boys clean?

After church, we came home and I tried to sneakily put the Easter baskets together. Yes, I know you're supposed to do this Saturday night, but we watched a movie instead and I was too tired. Plus I knew there was no way we'd be able to get to church on time (9 a.m.) if the kids had Easter baskets to distract them. As it was, we were about 10 minutes late anyways. We'll have to up our get-up time next week. Anyways, I put the baskets together and was going to hide them for everyone to find, except that Spud was hanging out silently right outside my door and he wasn't about to let me get by him with those baskets! Later Noodle asked why the Easter Bunny didn't come to our house, and I said "He did. He just left the candy & toys for me to put in the basket." Later she mentioned that she thinks the Easter Bunny might just be a person in a bunny suit because she didn't think a bunny could really deliver candy & goodies to people. David said she talked to him about it, too, so she's working the options over in her mind. I figure there is no harm in believing as long as a child wants to. Of course, after I gave them the baskets and they looked at all their "loot," she said, "Thanks Mom!" So maybe she's on to the ol' E.B. already.

After the pictures & the egg hunt, we let the kids watch Nancy Drew while David & I took a nap in the backyard. He actually fell asleep, but I just enjoyed basking in the sun. Later we headed over to his parents' house for dinner & our big egg hunt in a little "wilderness" area.

Noodle is shown holding the "Judas egg". It was a tradition (okay, an odd moment of sillyness) that we started last year, and as we were getting ready to color eggs this time she said she hoped she'd find the Judas egg so she could throw it in the stream. So of course then we had to make a Judas egg again. She did find it, so she got the privilege of throwing it in the stream. (I was the lucky one last year!)


Debra Biser said...

I didn't really get to see Noodle yesterday but I did get to see Spud and he was adorable. Those socks and shoes were PERFECT! And by the way, the dress you were wearing made your eyes almost pop out of your face they were so blue. Very, very pretty.

Looks like a fun day and pretty similar to ours. I should have been smarter like you and done the baskets AFTER church!

mindy said...

Well, I DID contribute the socks to the equation! But only because I already had them from a clearance sale at The Children's Place last summer. :o)

Whoa--popping out eyes? Freaky! Thank you for the compliment. That dress was my "luncheon dress" when I got married. I don't wear it very much because I feel really dressy, even though it isn't that fancy. I'm just weird, I think.

Native Minnow said...

I love the idea of the 'Judas egg' and throwing it into the stream. I hope you keep that tradition up.