Sunday, March 09, 2008

good evening, I'm Barry White

Actually, both David and I have the Barry White voice going on now. I seriously wonder how long it is going to take for me to completely kick this illness. I was looking forward to attending church today, since I could actually attend the adult meetings and not be in Primary, but noone wants someone who sounds like me sitting next to them. And actually, I think I'd have ended up in Primary anyways. They called yesterday and asked if I could help with Noodle's class. Obviously I couldn't, though, since we weren't going to be at church. And next week is another week playing the piano in Primary. I've only been to Relief Society once this year, and that was the first Sunday of January. Between sick kids, playing the piano and subbing in Primary, every other week I've either been at home or in Primary. Sigh.... I like Primary well enough, but there was a reason I said I could only be a part-time Primary pianist when they called me. Sitting behind the piano for two hours, with almost no actual direct interaction with other people is just not all that spiritually uplifting. We do learn some great songs that bring the spirit in, but it's not that often that I get some fabulous insight into the gospel or my own life from sitting in Primary.

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Debra said...

OK, seriously, this has got to end. Surely this is nothing that a little Cranberry Limeade couldn't kick! I miss you!

It's cool that they "let" you alternate Primary with Relief Society. You're right, Primary certainly has the possibility for spiritual uplift, but let's face it, being stuck in the corner behind a large piece of furniture staring at music week after week probably isn't presenting a lot of opportunity for insight.