Thursday, March 13, 2008

days of clarity

I woke up this morning, not too early, but earlier than I have been waking up, and David was already on his way up to SLC for a class. I spent some time going through our iTunes songs and improving our "DANCE!" playlist, and also tried to buy a song from iTunes featured on Dan in Real Life, which we watched last night. (But for some reason my iTunes account isn't working, which is driving me nuts because I really want to buy this song, and I want it now, dang it!) Anyways, I was really enjoying listening to music and having some time to myself, and the kids slept until about 8 o'clock, so I had about an hour. For some reason, the combination of quiet time alone and finally not having a head that is full of congestion has combined to give me a wonderful day of clarity. I finished reading an article How to Learn and Why, and my brain feels great and all attuned to the order of the universe. It's days like this that make me long for my graduate school days, when at least I felt like it was easier to fill my brain with knowledge when it was ready to receive it. Of course, many days were spent trying to force knowledge and learning into a less-than-ready mind, but I still loved the idea of learning and discussing what I learned.

Lately I'm really coveting the Great Books of the Western World series. I just want to own that collection of wisdom, so that when I have these times of full brain power, as well as a day without anything particularly urgent to do, I can read a classic. It's just a bit more convenient than getting them at the library. Of course, we do have some great books (though not "Great Books") here already, and I guess I should just read those while I'm waiting to have a few hundred extra dollars lying around.

Anyways, here's to being human again! May I make the most of it!


Debra said...

Finally! What a relief! You really deserve an extended vacation after what you and your family have been through the last week. Or you could just read a book I guess.
I really get what you mean about days of clarity and your mind acting more like a sponge. I fear I have more days where my brain seems to have a Teflon coating--nothing sticks!

Your brain is solid. No worries there.

As for the collection of books, I'm trying to figure out how people are selling used versions on Amazon starting at $1.89.

mindy said...

I think people are selling ONE book, but since it is part of a series it gets listed under the series. I could be wrong, but I think that's what I decided when I looked there before. More amazing is that they claim to ship all the books to you for $3.99!