Wednesday, March 12, 2008

just finished reading

Sarah by Orson Scott Card. It's about Sarai/Sarah, wife of Abraham from the Old Testament. It is an excellent book. Card does well to take you into Sarah's world and into her heart. I like historical fiction for the possibility of really identifying with real people, even if every event may not have actually occurred. Sometimes when you grow up with a story, it becomes less rather than more real to you as time passes. Being a mother, Sarah's struggle with not being able to have children is more relevant and personal. Obviously I've not had the same struggle, but I know people who have and I can imagine the grief. Particularly when she knew that God had covenanted with Abraham to become the father of many nations.

Anyways, my thoughts keep getting interrupted by Kids 1 & 2, but I highly recommend the book. I don't know how many others are in the "Women of Genesis" series, but I look forward to reading them as well. This is my very first time reading an Orson Scott Card book, but I think I've been sufficiently persuaded to read more.


J said...

over the past 20 years, i've managed to read every published work of card that i could get my hands on. that's most of his publications. if i'd had to claim a "favorite author", i'd have probably chosen him just based on the volume of his writing that i've enjoyed. i love lots of authors, but he's definitely in my top 5. his WOG series is terrific. if you don't like sci fi (which described me before discovering him), i heartily recommend you get Ender's Game and give it a whirl. YMMV, but that was pure genius when i read it. i thought it was brilliant. it's the book i've used to turn 3 non-readers into people who read.

glad you've discovered him!

mindy said...

I actually do like sci fi, though I think I pretend that I don't because I like to think sci fi lovers are weird. But most sci fi that I have read, I've enjoyed. I will give Ender's Game a try one of these next couple of months. I know David really enjoyed the Ender's series.