Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Sometime early this morning I pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck area, and I couldn't move my head without pain for the next couple of hours. Thankfully, David gave me a massage and after a heating pad then an ice pack, I gained some mobility. I still can't turn my head very far to the left, but hopefully it will work itself out in a day or so. I am so grateful not to have to live with chronic back/neck pain, or pain anywhere else. My sympathies go out to those who do. Not fun.

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Debra Biser said...

Unfortunately, as you know, I can so relate to this. And like you, I'm sure glad my troubles aren't chronic--though it comes around far too often for my taste.

Did the ice help? I done heat but not ice.

Hope you didn't need to turn your shoulders today to look to the left or right!