Monday, April 07, 2008

waaah! no fair!

I'm pulling out my inner child to say:

It's NOT FAIR if your husband has to work late (when it's one of his nights to cook dinner) and your 3 year old son poops in the tub while taking a bath with his sister (requiring a shower for them both and "poop fishing" with a kitty litter box scoop) and THEN later sticks a bead up his nose (which requires the use of tweezers and a flashlight to get out).  

Nope, not fair at all.  Thankfully I was able to stay pretty calm thanks to the experiences of Kirsten and Debra (I thought you blogged about it, but I guess you just told me about it in person (wonder of wonders!)


Kirbell said...

What a pain! I feel your pain. Kate feels Spud's pain. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Debra Biser said...

I know I probably shouldn't laugh. It's more a chuckle. and it's not AT you, it's at the humor of this entire situation. I can just picture it now--poop, bead and all. Good job fishing it out on your own (both things, ha!)!

andrea said...

sad...FUNNY, but sad.

Blue said...

like natalie and the 10,000 maniacs said, "these are remember"