Saturday, April 26, 2008

hot pool shark mamas

Debra came and picked me up last night (I love having a friend who lives only two blocks away!) and we decided to go play pool. We played for 117 minutes (they keep track like that so they can charge you super accurately), and I think we played five games. Maybe six. I won one. Debra won two (or maybe three, if we played six). I lost one by shooting the 8 ball while attempting to get my final ball, and Debra did the same on the next game. I did have one fabulous run of three balls, though, which was my highlight of the night. Partway through our fun we noticed that we were the only female-female table there. All the other tables were occupied either by girl-guy couples on dates, or two or more guys. Seems like a pretty good chance that we were the only moms there, too. As an added bonus, there was a live band performing upstairs and they were actually pretty good. They even had a song with a cowbell. Which of course made me happy. (Did you know I asked for-and received-a cowbell for Christmas? Thanks again, Jenn!!)

In honor of the cowbell, enjoy the following:

And I still really want this tee shirt. Someday it will be mine.

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Debra said...

We were ON FIRE! Or maybe a slow, steady burn? OK, perhaps just a spark. No matter! It was still loads of fun and I'm so glad we went even if we were the only mothers and paired females in the room. Let's go more often!