Friday, April 25, 2008

lame blogging week

To my few devoted readers, I apologize for the lack of engaging/stimulating posts this week. It's been pretty hectic around here. David has had some really rotten crap to deal with in his businesses which has spilled over into the general level of tranquility. We are exploring his options, so I've spent my online time doing that sort of stuff, as well as trying to keep the house from turning into a complete disaster zone. I'm feeling pretty spent, emotionally, so even when I've had the time, it's been hard to think of something worth typing. I like to blog interesting/funny or occasionally thought-provoking stuff, but this week I've not had it in me to share much. And I haven't been up to reading much on my favorite blogs, either. Hopefully I'll be in a better place in a few days and can resume my regularly scheduled blogging and blog-reading. xt

I did want to share this cute picture Noodle drew for me this morning, though. When we bought my new computer, we got a scanner with it. It's been fun to use.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

We should come play at your house! Memphis needs a play group. ;) Julie and Alison should come too

Debra said...

This sucks. I hate weeks like that. Definitely time for a Cranberry Limeaid. What are you doing tonight? Should we sneak away after the kids are in bed?

mindy said...

katie--yes! that would be fun! They would all have a barking good time, I'm sure!

debra--that would be awesome. I'm helping David with some shtuff, but after kiddo bedtime I should be free. give me a call?

Kathryn said...

Hope things get better. Life is always hard when someone in your family is having a rough time. I love reading your blog so keep up the good work.


mindy said...

katie (aka kathryn), thank you! I read your comment right before I went to bed and it made me fall asleep smiling. :o)