Thursday, April 03, 2008

simple pleasures

Every other Thursday we get our produce co-op delivery. It's kind of like a mini Christmas, and the kids get excited, too. This time we ordered a bonus 8# of strawberries (I'm going to try my hand at freezer jam tomorrow!) and a case of oranges.

I've been craving orange juice all week, so I juiced several oranges and had a nice tall glass. It was certainly labor intensive, but very delicious!

Finally it was warm enough on a day I was doing laundry to hang some out to dry. My clothesline is one of my favorite things. I absolutely love the smell of line-dried things, especially sheets, and it always takes me back to my childhood as I have many many memories of mom hanging the clothes out, or me helping when I was old enough. The sight of clothes blowing in the wind is as calming to me as watching ocean waves break on the shore. (Which is good, seeing as how I make it so infrequently to the ocean!)

This is something else I like: my clothespin holder made out of a bleach bottle. Mom had (and still has, actually) one of these and I loved clipping pins along the edge of the opening and along the hole at the top. Funny I don't do this with my own...I guess I've finally realized it makes it more time-consuming to get the pins.

Aww, he thinks he's people. I love finding my pets enjoying the sun in unusual places. It's those times when I wish I could trade lives with my pets for a day--especially one of my cats. To lounge around soaking up the sun for a day sounds like sheer heaven. This is Noni, my large (ahem--fat!) kitty boy.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

How does the co-op fruit delivery work? Sounds fabulous!

andrea said...

nice. seems romantic to hang things on the line. You need to be wearing one of those cute aprons while you do it!

Debra Biser said...

I love this post, especially with the pictures. I think you'll be glad to have documented some of these quiet, somewhat ordinary moments. I think noticing these times as being pleasurable is what makes a person truly happy. How did the freezer jam go?

mindy said...

I so need one of those aprons, drea! Maybe it will be a summer project of mine. I'm so bad at picking out good fabrics, though.

Katie, a couple of women in our stake organized the whole thing a few years back, i guess. We've been participating for a little over a year. The deliveries come every other Thursday and we pay $35 for a laundry basket of assorted produce. YUM! After staring at my oranges picture, I think I need to go eat some.

Debra, you are absolutely right. I was especially happy Thursday because I did take time to appreciate these seemingly mundane things. I want to try and do it more often. See--blogging does have a higher purpose!