Friday, April 11, 2008

adventures in pottyland

So on Sunday I told Spud about some really awesome cars I had (from the Pixar movie Cars) and that he could earn one each time he pooped in the potty. I showed them to him and immediately he started telling me when he wanted to sit on the potty. Up until yesterday, he had only peed in the toilet, pooping either in the tub (just that once, thankfully) or in a diaper. Each time he pees on the potty, he gets a jelly bean, but we were both anticipating the day the poop would fall. And yesterday, it DID! I was so happy, and he was happy because he could finally pick out a new car (he picked Mater). He did have two pee accidents in his training pants yesterday, but I guess it's one step forward, two steps back.

Last night, we were at our friends' house for a study group and he asked me to help him sit on the potty twice with no luck. Then he went downstairs to play. We went to Michaels Crafts after it was over. Standing there looking at colored pencils, Spud suddenly exclaims "We fohgot my diaper!" and pulls his waistband out. Sure enough, no diaper. It turned out that after he had gone downstairs, he thought he needed to go potty, so he went in the bathroom down there and took his diaper off. Since we use cloth diapers, this was no small feat. (We picked the diaper up on the way home.)

Today he's not had any accidents and he has pooped in the toilet twice, once pulling down his pants and going all by himself! I feel like he is well on his way to being diaper-free!


Debra Biser said...

You're SO lucky! He's getting it! What a feat! Still no interest from Nyah, even with bribes. :(

Native Minnow said...

Woo hoo!