Friday, April 04, 2008

farewell, little Tully

My ratboy Tully passed away this morning. I knew a couple of days ago that the end was imminent. I spent a couple of hours over yesterday and today just holding him and stroking him. He was right around 2 years old. Rest in peace, little guy.

I am down to one lone rat, Finny. He is 2 1/2 years old (which is very old for a rat) and has a cataract on one eye, but he is still eating heartily and seems to be holding up okay. I just hope he isn't too lonely now.


andrea said...

sad. sorry

Debra Biser said...

Again? Even I can be sympathetic to losing a good friend--even if they do have beady eyes and naked tails. But because of you I see rats a little differently now, in a good way. I'm sorry you keep having to say goodbye.

mindy said...

thanks for the sympathy. Even though you know it's coming, it is always sad to say goodbye. But I do believe in a heaven for animals, so I hope he's living it up on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge".