Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thank heavens for honest people

David must have dropped his cell phone at Albertson's this morning. Just now we were trying to locate it and so I called it. A woman's voice answered. I said, "Do you have someone else's phone?" And she said, yes, she did, and that someone had dropped it off at the Albertson's customer service desk. There are a lot of people out there who would just steal the phone (it happened to David's sister) and so I'm very grateful to the unknown person who did the right thing this morning. Thank you whoever you are!!


Blue said...

we love people like that too! doc lost his in a field once, and it was returned. just today i got in touch with a woman who left her library book on a plane. i found it in a lost and found in CA, and decided to get it back to her (i was looking for my lost library book). pay it forward is my personal motto. ;-)

Native Minnow said...

It's nice to hear that there are still honest people out there. I'm pretty sure that would never happen hear in Vegas though ;-)

Debra said...

Sometimes my faith in humanity is restored. At least for a short time.