Friday, August 22, 2008

so yeah,

maybe I post things here so I won't lose them later when I try to remember them.

I heard this song playing on my friend michelle's blog. Sadly, this is the best youtube video I could find. I don't much care for live performance recordings generally, but it will have to do.

Michelle is a friend from my hometown in Idaho. I still remember when we met. A friend and I were hanging at the elementary school playground (I can't remember if we were in middle school or high school) and she and we met her and her sister there. They had just moved from Michigan (?is that right Michelle?). And we hung out with them for a bit around the swings and somehow we ended up talking about accents, and they said my friend didn't have one, but I did. Which I thought was funny. I might have even been flattered, even though I'm not sure if that's a compliment. (What exactly is an Idaho accent?) Maybe it was just a neutral statement of fact.


These Four Walls said...

Isn't that song so great? I love it. It was at the end of Dan in Real Life. I loved that movie! Yes, it was Michigan, that's so funny because I was thinking about that day when we met at the elementary school recently too. Probably because now we are blog buddies :). I also just came across some pics from that group date we went on where we fed the ducks and ate pizza and you went with Mike somebody - (blonde hair) I can't remember his last name and I went with James Maloney. Renee was also there - she went with Shane Carlson. Funny. Doesn't it seem like yesterday? And now we are almost (or already are) 30!

Native Minnow said...

An Idaho accent is much like a Utah one, and it's not a good thing. Many of my family members have one. I do not. For that, I'm thankful.