Thursday, August 07, 2008

i'm not a criminal

The background check they did for my new job came back clear. Whew! And I was so worried they'd find out about...that one thing.


These Four Walls said...

Hey Mindy,
It was good to get the e-mail that you added me as a friend on Facebook! Long time no see :). I don't really use Facebook, but we do have a blog. I'd love to add you as link on mine and vice versa. Ours is
Take care!
Michelle (Merrithew) Wall

And congrats on the background check :)

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Like stealing a silver lawn chair from The Boise Boys during finals week???

mindy said...

ha ha ha! Katie, that is one of my favorite college memories! Long live the yellow team! Go Bananas! (Do you remember the oodles of banana peels we dumped there, too?)