Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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Great Expectations Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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I know I read this book in high school for an English class, but I remembered very little about it. I especially hadn't remembered how witty and funny Dickens is in many parts of the story. I kept hoping that Pip would redeem himself, since he seemed like such a pansy most of the novel, and I wasn't disappointed.

As far as lessons learned from this book, I think it was particularly poignant to read while we are lacking income. It is easy to feel like money is the solution to everything, especially when you haven't got any. It's good to be reminded that money honestly does not buy happiness, and often leads us further away from that goal. There is a line in the book where Pip is talking about his friends and how they are all fairly miserable, but keep themselves occupied and try to convince themselves and everyone else what a splendid life they have. That's a sad place to be, and it made me think mostly of Hollywood and all of the twentysomething celebrities.

And I absolutely love Herbert & Wemmick!

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andrea said...

I was a bit bothered that the bad guy was named Bentley.

Another good book for making you think no money is not such a bad idea is The Good Earth, by Pearl S Buck.

A book that makes you want a bunch of money, and also makes you want to be a bloodsucker---well you know.

mindy said...

I didn't even make the bentley connection!

I remember The Good Earth much MUCH too vividly to read it again. We read it in high school and I feel like it is still buried in my brain. Maybe after another decade I'll feel ready for it again. I just remember feeling so sorry for the main character and HATING that stupid husband so much. I'm not sure I'm ready to revisit that.