Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pete's Dragon

We watched Pete's Dragon this week as a family. It's one of my FAVORITE movies and they had it at the library. I don't know exactly why I love it so much, I just always have. Part of it is the songs--they're fabulous! Noodle drew this excellent picture for me. I love her artwork.

The Gogans (pure detestable evil!)

I love you, too

There's Room for Everyone in this World (I think this is my favorite!)

Bill of Sale (Wouldn't this be perfect for a lip sync?)

Brazzle Dazzle Day (lots of fun,but they really don't make much progress on the lighthouse!)


Blue said...

I'll be your candle on the water!

Kirbell said...

I haven't seen this movie in forever! I just wanted to comment on your kids' art which is always so beautiful. My boys are less creative more of the geeky-computer-nerds-put-things-together variety, so I can appreciate some artistry.

mindy said...

aw shucks, Blue. :o)

Thanks Kirsten. She really loves to draw. I'm amazed because she'll draw variations of the same scene four or more times, tweaking various things. She must have come with it, because she certainly didn't inherit it from me! Spud is more of a builder (he loves legos & tinker toys), so I wouldn't be surprised if he went that direction kind of like your boys. :o) Both good.

Debra said...

Musicals not being my favorite, this one still makes me nostalgic and I can just about sit through the whole thing. Pete's one cute kid and I love the relationship that develops between him and Nora.

Debra said...

Oh, and as usual, Noodle has captured the scene perfectly.