Monday, August 04, 2008

recent movies that i've seen

The Dark Knight If you like comic book movies, or Batman, or a really intense story, you will like this movie. The only negative was that it was a bit sad to remember that Heath Ledger is gone, especially because he really did do the most amazing job ever portraying the Joker. Some seriously good creepiness. Five stars.

The X-Files Movie: I want to believe If you are an X-Files fan, this won't disappoint. I think it dragged a tiny bit a couple of times, but the plot was very enjoyably bizarre, just what you hope for from the X-Files. Four and a half stars.

Now two rentals:
Shutter Another one of those Japanese scary movies, but this one was better than a lot of others I've seen. It didn't seem to have so many plot-holes, and it did have some really great scary moments. Three stars.

One Missed Call This was a great scary movie. Well acted and suspenseful. Not terrifying, but I was hiding behind the throw pillow for a few scenes. Afterwards David downloaded the "scary ringtone" that means death is calling onto my phone. Hmph. If you enjoy scary flicks, don't miss this one. Four stars.


Native Minnow said...

Dark Knight + IMAX = Bad Ass

I'm just sayin'.

mindy said...

oh yeah! Though, we did have to sit on the VERY FRONT row, in the middle, so it was as close to an IMAX experience as we could get at our theater. (Okay, not really, but it did increase the intensity level.)

Blue said...

that movie pushed the limits of my tolerance-spectrum. i don't like horror or terror or intense suspense, so coupled with the sadistic nature of the joker, i could barely handle it. even in the movies, anything that smacks of torture for pleasure's sake makes me feel slightly sick...i had to shut my eyes a few times during dark night...couldn't stomach it.

which all just goes to prove what a pansy-arse i am. and probably that i need to get out more. ♥