Tuesday, August 19, 2008

killing spree

Yup. That's right. I've killed ten houseflies today, and there are about three more I've got my eyes on. Where are they all coming from? And why do they like to congregate in threes on the television? (No longer, though, I think I killed the ones who liked it the most. Or at least two of them.) I'm not even ashamed of their blood on my swatter.

In other news...I've been trying to spend every spare (and many not so spare) moment working in an effort to bring in as much money as possible. Which means that when I'm not working, I don't really want to sit at my computer and read or write stuff, since that's pretty much what I do when I am working. For the first three weeks I have to comment on every stinkin' think I do, so that's a mite bit tedious. I worked twenty hours last week, which means there was twenty hours of other stuff that I normally do that didn't get done. I was also babysitting every day. So it was a good week for moneymaking, but not a good week for blogging, reading, exercising, relaxing, or any of those other pleasant things that I normally try to incorporate into my life. Alas...

David and I did go on a fun date last Friday night, however. We went canoeing with a few other couples on the Provo River and then went to a yummy Mexican place to eat. We'd originally only planned to go canoeing due to cost, but my sister & her husband gifted us $50 with explicit instructions to have fun, so we did. Then we had our friends Kent & Mary over to play Scrabble and (brace yourselves for this)...I lost! I know, kind of unimaginable. But I did only lose by seven points, so it could have been worse. The only real insult is that Mary's a novice. I think that was her second ever game of Scrabble, and the first game was at our house a few weeks ago. Beginner's luck?

One of these days I'll catch up on reading all my favorite people's blogs. But for now, know that I miss reading your interesting (and not so) exploits.


Blue said...

are you an undercover FBI agent or working for the SS? cause you have been pretty non-disclosive about the new job. that's a word, right?

one of my fantasies is that i'd have enough $ to someday completely surprise people when they're in tough situations. pay off student loans, car payments, mortgages. that kind of thing. wouldn't it be fun to just mail someone a set of keys with a card telling them to look outside and have a new car sitting there with all the paperwork and insurance in their name? I love imagining up that that kind of fantasy!

anyway, i hope you're getting enough rest. hope you're baby is healthy and growing happy in the clamshell. hope your hubby finds the perfect situation soon! you're such a delight.

mindy said...

ha ha! No, nothing that exciting. I did have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, though. The job is for Google. If you google "google jobs" and then "english quality rater," you can find out the gist of what I do. It's not super exciting, but I do stumble across some interesting websites now and then. And the pay is better than any other work from home stuff I saw. So, overall, it's good.

Thank you for the good wishes. I think the baby is growing very well. I definitely look more pregnant than I did two weeks ago. I guess that's how it is supposed to go though, right? :o)

andrea said...

Relax?? What's that! Hey um, maybe Mary has been studying up since last time. Maybe she's just faking the beginners luck thing!

Mary said...

Hey! What happened to the really witty comment I left on this post a few days ago? I didn't think you were the type to delete out of spite. (I'm sure you aren't. I'm probably the type to delete my own comment out of distraction or being too tired to hit the "Return" key or something.) Anyway, I'd like a rematch, and we should play with David's rules so you can spell German words and I'll spell words from the language that I'll make up on the spot!

mindy said...

boo! i hate to miss a witty comment. I can assure you I only delete spammy comments. Hmmm...while I like the idea of being able to use German words, I think you'd still have the advantage with your Maryish language. Only the short words in German would be of any use. You only get 7 letters at a time, after all.