Thursday, July 07, 2005

Self entertaining

Spud is at such a fun age (6 months). He's quite mobile, and though he only does a true crawl every once in a while, he gets around amazingly well with his "army crawl". He can sit up and absolutely loves clapping his hands. It's amusing to watch him when he can't see me as he claps and giggles to himself - and I love to see his capacity for self-entertainment develop. I am the youngest in my family by six years, so growing up most of my entertainment was based on finding things to do to entertain myself, so perhaps I value it more than most. And to be honest, nothing wears me out quicker than to spend a lot of time around kids who have no self-entertaining abilities. I can only come up with and tolerate so many games in which I have to be an active participant. Noodle is a good self-entertainer, too. I try and play with her when she comes to me, usually up to an hour, and often she gets an idea and goes off to play on her own for quite a while. I love it! DH complains that we have too many toys in her room (a lot of which were mine as a child) and perhaps she does, but I think it's important to have a sufficient variety to encourage and support creative and independent play. Plus I figure as long as I'm the one home with the kids the majority of the time, I'd prefer they have lots of options and possibilities for play, especially on their own.

(Note: I'm not a big fan of "editing" naked baby photos, but since this is on the internet, it seems best to play it safe.)

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