Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Aviator

We watched The Aviator this week, and having known nothing about Howard Hughes, I quite enjoyed it. I have several friends who have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and so I'm familiar with the disorder, but after watching the movie we watched the extra scenes, and they go into more depth discussing OCD. The estimate is that 1 in 50 people have some form of OCD. One guy I know had really violent obsessions, and would spend hours in his room doing compulsive behaviors to try and get the thoughts out of his mind. It's just so sad to think that people have to live with these problems, and they don't know that it is just a problem with their mind. It typically isn't diagnosed until around age 20, which means that people spend the very formative years of their lives feeling anxious and concerned, and having to deal with so many unpleasant and often terrible thoughts. And they just think something is wrong with them. I certainly am grateful that it is diagnosable and treatable now.

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northwestmom said...

We have that movie sitting on our shelf (thanks, Netflix) and we haven't had a chance to watch it's hard to find the time and endurance for a three hour movie.

mindy said...

yeah, the 3 hour factor was the reason it took us until now to rent it. If it helps, it didn't really feel like it was 3 hours long.