Wednesday, July 06, 2005


My Nikon D70 is finally back from "the shop". At the end of April, it inexplicably stopped working, and online I found that the specific error was a result of a manufacturing error in some cameras sold before September. So, today, TEN WEEKS LATER it finally made it home to me. In the ten weeks, I missed photographing my birthday (trip to Dinosaur museum with dh and kids), my daughter's 3rd birthday, vacation to beautiful mountains of Colorado, family reunion, and my 6 month old son learning to sit up and crawl. I'm thrilled to finally have it back, but I still haven't quite finished being annoyed that it took so long. Lately it seems that there is always one thing lingering in the back of my brain that really annoys me. I'm sure it isn't healthy, and it likely says something about my mental/emotional state right now. For example, yesterday was the recycling pickup day, and someone (I don't know if it was some random car or the recycling truck) knocked over our bin, so it didn't get picked up. And it's full clear to the top. And it's two weeks until the next pick up. Perhaps my excessive reactions are the result of being at home all day every day, having such a small realm of influence/experience lately. Seems a likely possibility.


northwestmom said...

Nah, I'd be terribly annoyed at the camera taking so long (nearly three months?!!) and the recycling incident too. I hate annoying things!

mindy said...

Glad I'm not alone. I just fear that I'm driving dh crazy by being so agitated over things. I know he's very glad that my camera is back, since he acted as the go-between in the whole situation.