Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good times...

Clive has mastered pulling himself up to standing using furniture now, and standing has replaced bouncing as his new favorite pasttime. Often he reaches and grasps the part of the furniture he uses to pull himself up before his legs are anywhere beneath him, so he ends up stretched out at a 45 degree angle looking like he is teetering over hot lava. He does pretty well slowly inching his feet and legs up, but it starts out looking pretty funny.

I went to our ward's Enrichment meeting tonight. I'd actually signed up to bring something (a bag of chips) in an effort to ensure that I would go. I have a tendency to decide fairly last minute that I'm not up to it and stay home, so I figured if I felt obligated to go because I was taking food, I'd actually go. And I'm glad I went. I had a chance to talk to people and also had the opportunity to say some witty comments and got everyone to laugh. It's funny, because all of my siblings are like that, and I'm not sure where we got it from, as I don't recall if mom & dad are that into saying the witty "after-thoughts" that we all enjoy so much. And while I would never go into business trying to get laughs out of people, I do enjoy making people laugh. But I prefer to do it on the side while I am not the main focus of attention. So, I'm really glad I forced myself to go. I also got to bring home a few leftover cookies, so Z was a happy girl, as she'd been asking for cookies all day long, especially after watching Cookie Monster on Sesame Street happily devouring his.

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