Friday, July 15, 2005

Dog for a Day

This morning after David had left for work, he came back to pick up some car-related papers and told me that a female mama pit bull just came out of the bushes by the neighboring 4plex and was wandering around. Of course, we go out to see her and she turns out to be just the friendliest dog. It doesn't look like she has a current littler of pups, but her nipples are quite distended, so she has probably been bred a few times. We played outside with her for a while, and I brought her a bowl of water. After a while, I headed inside and she followed me. We hung out for the day, and I made a makeshift collar so we could take her around to hang up some "DOG FOUND" signs. It was a lot of fun hanging out with her, and I'd already fantasized about her living at David's folks house until we get our own house, and then she could come live with us. A woman called just a few minutes ago and described her perfectly, so I gave her the address and she came and picked her up. She said the dog's name was "Shanday" and that she'd actually been taken yesterday, but she didn't elaborate on that point. She said she and a friend were just about to start searching, and her friend saw the sign I'd put up at the park. So, I'm glad she's back with her owner, but it was certainly fun to have a dog for a little while. And Noodle and Spud just loved her, and she just loved them right back.

:::::sigh:::::: I really can't wait to have a pit bull of my very own.

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