Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fun with Photoshop

So, I need to improve my photography skills, but I also need to learn how to "improve" photos in Photoshop. Yesterday I spent some time testing out different effects, messing with hue/saturation, etc on this picture of my cute boy. It's so exhilarating to be able to manipulate parts of a photo to capture a certain mood. I really love my digital SLR, but a funny thing is just how excited I am simply that I finally have a camera with "zoom". Until David bought my D70, I had only ever had a point&shoot camera, so it took a lot of effort and a fair amount of luck to get a truly great photograph. For much of photography, at least of people & animals (my two favorite subjects) the key is to GET CLOSER. And when your point&shoot camera requires you to be at least 3-6 feet away, you just don't have a lot of options. And my other favorite thing about digital cameras--unlimited picture taking capacity and no film to develop!! The key to taking great photographs is to take A LOT, and this is so easy when you have a memory card that will hold up to 1100 photos. The only downside is having to sort through hundreds of photos and try to decide which ones to keep and which to toss. It just seems wrong to toss pictures of your children, even when you save the 3-5 best shots of the series.

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