Saturday, November 15, 2008

yay for me!

I had a goal to get in 30 hours of work this week (the maximum allowed) so I could feel justified in buying a couple of things I want for our homeschooling. And I DID IT! I got up at 5:00 three times to get it done (and one of those times there wasn't any work that morning) and didn't have a lot of free time and also fell a bit behind on the housework, but I did it. And I also made a photo book for Noodle for Christmas (that's what I did with my non-working early morning) because I got a free one from my photography website affiliation. I am eligible for a free one from another company, too, so that's tomorrow's project for Spud's Christmas.

ALSO, I put together and distributed all the photo packages for the preschoolers. Out of about 75 packages, I only had two mistakes--I ordered one extra class picture for one class and one short for another class. I thought that was pretty good. Assembling the packages took longer than I expected (about 3.5 or so hours with David helping insert receipts and such) but I did it while watching TV so it wasn't overly tedious.

Besides that, I also attended a homeschool lecture that was quite good and inspiring. I had had a complete meltdown with the kids (yelling, tears & all that) late in the afternoon so I was contemplating not going, but I'm glad I pulled us all together and went. It was worth the time and effort involved. (Thanks Nickie!) Plus, there was really yummy food which was nice after our spartan dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (David was working late).

I also made Visting Teaching (church related stuff) appointments and while one cancelled, we did get to visit the other person and are doing the third on Sunday.

AND even with all of this, I was able to do some fairly good school stuff with the kids and yesterday we even did an outing! We went to BYU to look at the fish in the tanks (to round off our fish unit) and we also went to the Eyring Science Center to look at the stuff there, then to the CougarEat for lunch. I really felt like we needed to get out and do something FUN together, but I had so much to get done that I almost decided not to. I'm glad I went ahead with it.

Anyways, I am not really a fan of tooting my own horn, but I've been feeling kind of glum and discouraged this week, so it's somewhat uplifting to look at all I was able to accomplish this week. Now next week I just need to get the scripture/gospel study fit in, too. That will probably help with my discouragement as much, if not more, than all my hard work.


babygonzo said...

Mindy-Lou, YOU are a ROCK STAR!!!
And, as a certified Gonzalez, you are TOTALLy allowed to toot you're own horn any time you want... we are big on tooting ;-)

David said...

Toot, toot! Get on board the Mindy train. I tell you what; it can't be stopped.

Native Minnow said...

Sounds like I should take productivity lessons from you.

Also, I now have a craving for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

andrea said...

You go girl!! I love to hear stuff like this! It gives me hope! I have been super busy too. I keep telling myself it will calm down. That or we just get better at dealing with it!!!!

Kirbell said...

You are awesome! And you're allowed a melt-down once in a while, especially since you are prego. Really, very inspiring.

mindy said...

Thanks all. I think having friends who care is even a better pick-me-up than tooting my own horn! :o)