Wednesday, November 19, 2008

photoshop fun

So I got up at 6 this morning (went to bed to late to get up at five!) but there wasn't any google work to do. So I decided to spend my early morning hours improving photography/photoshop skills.

I thought these turned out fun:


Blue said...

very nice. what QT's!

so, you mentioned no google work to do. are you working for google? i'm still not sure what you're job is.

mindy said...

Hi Blue!

Sorry, I haven't meant to avoid your question. I just forget! Yeah, I am a part-time, temporary, contract employee. My job is called "quality rater," and in a nutshell I review various searches and the results generated and provide feedback on how useful/relevant they are. The last couple of weeks there haven't always been tasks to do, though, so it's made my scheduling of hours a bit more challenging. I started work in August and I'd never had there be nothing to do until two Saturdays ago. Now it happens more and more often. I'm hoping it isn't slowing drying up because we really need the money.