Saturday, November 01, 2008

everybody needs a David

It has been a BUSY week! Trying to get my photos from the preschool shoot processed, and getting my business account set up (I'm now a "Sole Proprietorship"--yay me!) and getting my NEW WEBSITE* trying to get my "regular" work done AND trying to keep some semblance of our homeschooling going (we did a unit study on Fish this week--very fun). Yup, I'm pretty wasted. And so is David, because he has been doing my accounts and processing payments and all that stuff. I've been wanting to write about how awesome he is and how grateful I am for him, but I've just been too busy. And wouldn't you know it, he came to my rescue once again just now.

Today was a BUSY day. I have a family portrait shoot this morning (12 people), then a 13 year old boy right after lunch, and then a small family (3 people) later in the afternoon. So I've been running around like a crazy pregnant woman. This on the heels of scouting out places around town yesterday that were great portrait locations. Anyways, I had some glitch with my memory card that was causing slightly more than half of the images from my last photo shoot NOT TO WORK!! I tried uploading them four different times, but still got the annoying GRAY BOX of DOOM (where there wasn't file data). Fortunately I'd taken enough pictures that I still had sufficient to qualify for a successful shoot, but my options were limited and I was missing some great ones. David took my card & card reader upstairs and worked his magic and got them ALL back! Hooray!

Besides his technical savvy, he has so many other great things about him. One of the things I first liked about him was how fun he is. After we got home from Brazil and had been "dating" for a couple of weeks, I told him that hanging out with him in some ways was a lot like hanging out with my girl friends. Not saying he is girl-like, but rather I just felt completely free with him and had none of those dumb "date inhibitions" that you usually have hanging out with members of the opposite sex. He was such a great friend that it was hard to know at the beginning if I really loved him the way you are "supposed" to love someone you marry. But I came to realize that best friendship is pretty much the ultimate type of love. And since I found him very attractive, I figured it would all work out.

October 25 was our "Airplane Anniversary," which is the date we flew (or started flying, since it spanned more than one day, down to Brazil. I had no idea at the time how much that trip would change my life. Rather I was just really grateful for the diversion from my then misery (being dumped by my boyfriend at the end of the summer while we were interns in D.C.--that's fodder for another post!) I knew it would be the trip of a lifetime, but I didn't know how life-altering it would be.

So yeah, if you don't have a David (or a good equivalent), I highly recommend one.

*I'll let you know when the website is officially ready. It will be after, you guessed it, David makes it look all snazzy for me.

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Mary said...

The website is looking good. You look like a super model on there!

Our family considers ourselves blessed to have David as a home teacher and friend (and you too!). He's come to our rescue several times too.