Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tuesday tunes

Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Andrea, this first one reminds me of you. I think if you were a musician, you'd sing and make videos like this. What do you think?

Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK

I need to get some iTunes dollars to spend on these songs!


Debra said...

Good ones! It's funny because Jim is the one that introduced me to both of these artists. He seems to like female musicians of this style.

Jen said...

Hey, Min! YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!! (See my blog for info!)

Nickie said...

I felt I needed to see what I could watch at your place. Thanks for the songs.

andrea said...

Ha ha! Yes I think you are right Mindy! The musical style for sure is my favorite. Cohesive color scheme for sure. I told Chris she was posing with a manequin and he said, "yeah, that's you! Didn't you do that already?" Which um, I did. Did you ever see my "music videos?" The only thing I think I couldn't deal with was the making a mess at the end. Even though it was all colorful and cute. :)

thanks that was fun to imagine myself making a video.