Friday, November 07, 2008

the new face of the White House doggy?

Could be. I guess they are looking for something hypoallergenic and from a rescue/shelter. That's my Daisy. (But they can't have her.) A quote from the article:
"For a family," says handler Doug Becker, a captain (who trains volunteers) at a shelter in Manhattan, "a Bichon is the best dog you could own, because it does well with kids and with a lot of people in the household."

A Bichon is also free from causing the allergy problem. "Like with a poodle, you can even pick one up while you're wearing a dark sweater and there will be no dander whatsoever," says Becker.

Further extolling the breed's virtues as far as the Obamas would be concerned, Becker said, "Bichons are also loyal and intelligent. The only downside: They must be groomed weekly, because their hair just keeps growing."

Not that it is important in the least, but it'd be kind of fun to see a fellow fluff in the White House. White House. White Dog. Black First Family. Seems like a natural fit, right?


Tune said...

hahaaha so the whites are represented by a dog? I'm not so sure how that will go over, but a bichon would be a good choice. I like daisy. She's cool. Speaking of pets how is jake? Oh and the kids. ;D Love ya!

Mary said...

Does Daisy ever pee in the house? If not, a bichon gets the thumbs up from my sister. They've had a maltese-shitzu mix for a few months. That little dog pees whenever she gets excited about someone new coming to the house. They are ready to get rid of her (I mean, find her a new home) in favor of the carpets. They knew going into it that this could be a problem, but I guess it's a bigger headache than they expected. Is having a pet a requirement at the White House? I thought they always just bring along the pets they have already.

mindy said...

Daisy used to have a problem peeing in the house, and still does, on occasion. (Maybe once every 2-3 months.) It isn't because she gets excited, though. She just needs to pee and doesn't bother to tell anyone she needs to go outside. Your sister might look into doggy diaper/belly band type things. And also into some retraining ideas. Rudy is actually the one who has been worse about peeing, and his is a nervous/submission thing. So I always wait until he's outside to put his leash on or anything like that. He's getting better, but it's been a slow process.

mindy said...

Oh, and having a pet isn't a requirement. I'm guessing Obama has been promising his girls a dog after the election. I don't know if they've had pets before.

Native Minnow said...

Did you see the South Park episode about the election? According to South Park Obama, the new puppy will be named Sparkles. Also according to South Park, both candidates were in cahoots to pull off a greater scam, Ocean's 11 style. Funny stuff!