Monday, May 19, 2008

today's task

Well, besides washing laundry, baking bread (with the help of my breadmaker, of course), hanging the laundry out to dry, getting angry at Rudy for stealing the warm bread off the counter (luckily I caught him in time before he had a chance to totally ruin it), the task of today is going through thousands (we're talking 9000+) of backup photos that were created back in the computer fiasco and deleting duplicates. It's kind of fun, actually, to revisit the past 7 years of photos quickly. It's nice to be reminded of the cuteness of years past.


Native Minnow said...

I love looking through old photos. I don't do it often enough, that's for sure.

Debra said...

That's A LOT of photos to sift through. But a nice chore compared to other chores. How small Noodle looks. And without hair I hardly recognize Spud.

Did you get my voice mail last night? Sorry! Jim needed to get out. He went and saw Spiderwick Chronicles.