Friday, May 30, 2008

bert & ernie

as a kid, I always identified with Ernie. As I was watching old Sesame Street clips last night with the kids, I had to wonder if any kids out there identified with Bert.


Debra said...

Wasn't Bert the more uptight one? Yeah, I think I may have identified a bit with him. I started early.

Native Minnow said...

Here fishy Fishy FISHY!!!

If it were really that easy, I probably wouldn't enjoy fishing as much.

mindy said...

minnow--yeah, there's something to the challenge of an experience that makes it fun. but I'm sure you've been on collecting trips where you felt, at the end, that "Here fishy Fishy FISHY!" would be a pretty sweet deal.

debra--that would explain why we get along as well as we do... the yin and the yang, the peanut butter & the chocolate, the bert and the ernie. ;o)