Monday, May 12, 2008

ask & ye shall receive...

Heck, I didn't even ask. I only wished!

I really can't say thank you enough to thoughtful friends and family. Would you believe that I now am the delighted owner of three More Cowbell shirts? A dear friend with mad screen printing skills made me one, another dear friend ordered one, and my sweet sister-in-law Jenn had one sent to me. Lest any of you think this is a bad thing, let me familiarize you with my wardrobe: I tend to have about 8-10 tee shirts that are all alike except in various colors, so having 3 awesome shirts is just up my alley. That means that I can proudly proclaim "More Cowbell" more than once a week even if I choose not to do any laundry! So thank you thank you friends!

Here's me rockin' out with my cowbell! Oh, and David sanded and stained my very own cowbell stick for me yesterday. It wasn't dry when I wanted to take pictures, though, so I had to use a regular ol' stick.


Debra said...

Three?! Oh my gosh, that's funny! Hey, great minds think alike! That pic is perfect!

Blue said...

hi mindy,
just got home from the carribbean and got your email. it sounds like, even though i had NO idea when you celebrate the day of your arrival on the third rock, that it got there on your birthday. is this true? cause if so, then WOW! how's that for good karma?!

it took me a few days to get the image figured out in photoshop, then when i went to print it, i discovered that my ink jet color cartridge was out of YELLOW. so annoying! then i couldn't find my packet of tee-shirt printing paper stuff, and had to get more of that. so there were a few delays getting it done, but finally it was ready and i had Bunch run over to the post office (1 block) and drop it for me before I left town last week. sounds like the delays made for a perfect-timing arrival.

i hoped a medium would look so tiny in your pics online. i figured bigger was better than too small. and at least you have 2 others if needed.

too bad you didn't ask for a winning lotto ticket, huh! :-)

have a great week!


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

That's AWESOME!! You should post a picture of your stick, too!

andrea said...

this is the cutest picture ever!