Saturday, May 03, 2008

i knew it wasn't a swear word

I still remember with fondness visiting a dam with some friends/coworkers when I worked one summer at Jacob Lake--even if it was completely lacking in originality, it's very fun to put "dam" in front of everything. "Let's go on the dam tour." "C'mon, I wanna see the dam view." "Take my dam picture."

I never claimed not to be easily amused.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

LOL! In high school I was a Beaverton Beaver and our student council sweatshirts read, "BHS Student Council, Just one dam project after another"

Native Minnow said...

When I lived at Flaming Gorge, that joke got old real fast. The store I worked at had a grill in the back, and one of our burgers was called the Dam Burger. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Give me a Dam Burger, and I'll have some damn fries and a damn Coke too." Everyone acted like they were the first to come up with it, and of course, I had to fake laugh. I hate fake laughing.

mindy said...

Yeah, fake laughing is the worst. I make it a point to never state the obvious joke when it comes to people's names, because you KNOW they've heard it a million times before. Nobody is that original. My maiden name is Wallentine, so I got all sorts of Valentine related jokes. Hardy har har.

But it is still fun to be the one making the dumb/obvious jokes with your friends. :o)

Debra said...

That's what's so great about you--you laugh easily. Just one of the many reasons you're fun to be around.