Saturday, May 03, 2008

this was bizarre and funny

We hadn't seen this SNL before but downloaded it last night. We were doubled over by the end of this skit. Enjoy!

Sorry for the wiggly/grainy video, though. It's the only one that was on youtube.


Blue said...

and after that enticing intro, i clicked the link and got the "we're sorry, this video is no longer available" message.


mindy said...

darn it! it still works for me, but it must be stored in my cache or something. :o(

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Worked for me -hilarious!

Debra said...

Ha! Sad when Brett Michaels looks like the sane one.

Thanks again for the cookies. Man those were good. You could give Mrs. Fields a run for her money.

Blue said...

i just checked again and it worked. but i'm using my laptop now, not my desktop. i think the DT is messed!

funny! ♥