Monday, February 25, 2008

movie review monday

We watched Becoming Jane last night, about author Jane Austen. I enjoyed the movie and found it interesting to learn more about Jane Austen. I'm a big fan of Pride and Prejudice, and I enjoy all of the movies that have spawned from her books (have you seen the Bollywood's Bride & Prejudice? It's fabulous). Anyways, I've not actually made it through any of her other books, even though I have a big fat book of them on the shelf. She did fall in love, but because of their lame social stratifying back then, and the fact that it was impossible to just get a freakin' job to support yourself, she wasn't able to marry the man she loved, because he was responsible for mooching off of his uncle to provide income to his family back in Ireland. And she didn't want to marry "without affection," which I can't blame her for. I do think she could have grown to have affection for the nice, wealthy guy, though. But it's probably just as well, as after her sister's fiance died, the sister never married, either. If I had to be an "old maid," it'd be much more bearable with a good friend or sister.

But if you are into Jane Austen, you'll enjoy the movie.

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