Sunday, February 24, 2008

happy mindless reading

I just finished reading Pretties, the second book in the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfield. We read Uglies for book club, and while I thought the characters lacked a bit of depth, the story was engaging enough to make me want to find out what happened next. I picked up Pretties from the library Thursday night, read a bit on Friday and finished it late last night.

The general idea (very general so as not to spoil the fun if you read them) is that in this futuristic society, at age 16 everyone gets super-deluxe plastic surgery to become "pretty." This is supposedly based on tne evolutionary desire to seek out mates with certain biological traits (symmetry, big eyes, clear skin, etc) and so noone has an advantage over another person because of their looks. There is obviously more that comes to light, but that's what you learn in the first chapters. If you like cool technology in science fiction books, you will enjoy reading these books for that, alone.

Let me know if you pick them up what you think of them.

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Debra said...

When you get to the fourth book of the trilogy (what?) let me know if it's worth it. They sound intriguing.