Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the end of winter

We are down to a few islands of snow in the backyard! It's been buried under 6-8" since the first of the year, so I couldn't be happier! Especially with two cabin-fevery kids and two energetic dogs. I managed to get one snowman built this year, and he lasted a good couple of weeks. Then we had a few days of thawing weather, and one night as I returned from walking Daisy (in the pre-Rudy days), I noticed that the snowman looked downright depressed. Previously, he'd held his arms up high and his head tall, but I guess after the loss of his eyes, nose & mouth, not to mention much of his girth, he felt he had nothing left to live for. Sure enough, the next day when I came outside, he'd beheaded himself. Hopefully his snowman spirit lives on! Farewell, Frosty!

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queenie of the sea said...

hahahaha That was a hilarious post. Sad little snowman. I almost feel bad for him. Except for the fact that he represents a season I've enjoyably tried to escape, and have done a pretty good job of this year. I love St. George and it's almost complete lack of snow, but I will admit a sad snowman with no gusto to live on is quit tragic... I hope you gave him a proper funeral. ;D