Monday, February 18, 2008

the end

Something I love about kids (and I think most people appreciate this) is the fun ways they come up with to express their thoughts. At about age 2-3, Noodle mixed up many of her compound words, resulting in things like "markbook" for "bookmark," "packback" for "backpack," etc. She also called flip-flops "flop flops." Spud does the same thing with some of his words, but I think my favorite is "got for" and "get for". "Mom, don't get for me." "You got for my water, mom." If you haven't figured it out, it's his version of forgot. I love that he even uses the appropriate ending, although it's of course the prefix the way he says it.

Another Spudism that I loved, but he has now outgrown, is the expression, "I don't how to." Our thoughts on this was that the word know equaled no in his mind, so he left it out. We'd ask him to say a new word or do something, and if he couldn't, he'd reply, "I don't how to." Sometimes he would say, mostly to himself, "I how to." Last night I noticed for the first time him saying, "I don't know how to." Sigh... I guess it will always live in my memory.


Debra said...

You're right! It's the compound words that trip them up. I never realized that. Do you write down some of the other things they say? They're so funny! Jim always tries to correct the kids' language but I tell him not to. They'll figure it out soon enough and I'm in no rush. Just tonight Nyah asked where her "lick bum" was--her unfortunate translation of "lip balm."

mindy said...

Lick bum!! Ha ha ha!! That's classic. I try to remember to write their sayings down in their journals that I keep for them. I need to check and see if we wrote Spud's down.