Saturday, February 02, 2008

dogs in the news

So I've loosely followed the Michael Vick dogfighting story and have been interested in the fates of the dogs who were rescued. Twenty-two of them went to Best Friends in Kanab, UT, where my niece works as a Vet Tech Assistant, and twelve (or 13?) more were taken to BAD RAP in San Francisco, CA. The stories of some of these dogs are heart wrenching. Or rather I should say the likely stories, as we'll never know for sure. But the dogs are, on the whole, doing really well and enjoying their chance at regular lives. It makes me sick to think of the people in the world who can so inhumanely brutalize animals. Right now in Utah we are trying to get a more strict animal torture bill passed. I've collected signatures and sent emails. I hope it passes this year.

The NYTimes did a front page article today about the "Viktory Dogs" at Best Friends. Check it out!

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Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Thanks for the link. I hope the bill passes this year, too. Crazy to think that torturing an animal is currently only a misdemeanor!