Sunday, February 24, 2008

ahhhh love...

Katie tagged me, and since I was bored this morning, I thought I might as well do it.

What is your Hubby's name?: David. And he prefers to be called David, not Dave, but he still answers to Dave.

How long have you been together? How long did you date?: Our first date was Saturday, November 11th, 2000. Prior to that, we'd already spent two weeks together nearly 24/7. And we'd already smooched a fair bit, too. (What can I say, it was jungle love?)

Who said I love you first?: He did. I think it was not too long after we'd returned from Brazil.

Who is smarter?: Hmmm. I'm a better "student," but he is by far a better problem-solver.

Who does the housework?: Me. But he cooks dinner the vast majority of the time. (I just started cooking dinner 2x/week, but he's done 99.9% of the dinners for the last almost 7 years.)

Who sleeps on the right?: If you are facing the bed, me. If you are in the bed, then it's him.

Who pays the bills?: Generally me, but for right now while we get some things in order, him.

Who cooks dinner?: Him, most of the time. Me, 2x/week. (Yes, I know I'm super lucky with this!)

Who drives when you are together?: He usually does. Sometimes, though, when I have the car and pick him up from work, I stay behind the wheel if I want to.

Who is more stubborn?: It's a toss-up. We are both pretty darn stubborn.

Who kissed who first?: David kissed me first. It was soooo sneaky. We were sailing down the Amazon River in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars. I was sitting in front of him and he had his arms around me to keep me warm. And he kissed the back of my neck. At first I wasn't even sure what was happening. When I turned around to say "Hey?!" he kissed me on the lips! What nerve!

Who asked who out first?: He asked me out. We went and watched "The Fiddler on the Roof," at Jordan Commons.

<Who proposed?: He did. He flew me to San Francisco for my birthday weekend and proposed to me on the "beach" next to the Golden Gate Bridge. I gave him his ring that same weekend. I'd tied the box to the neck of a stuffed toy sloth (his favorite animal) and hung the sloth in the sequoia forest we visited.

Who has more siblings?: Same. He's the oldest of six and I'm the youngest of six. And both families have 3 boys and 3 girls. And both families have a David and an Eric.

Who wears the pants?: Well, we like to tell the kids that I'm in charge, but I think we have a good balance of power.

I tag: Andrea, Debra, Kristin & Karen


Debra said...

He really IS sneaky! And I didn't know he was so romantic (well of course I didn't know this). I love your Amazon story. One of the best falling in love stories I've heard in a long time. And this is my first tag! Tell me, what exactly is navel-gazing? :)

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

I think Marc and I should take a trip to the Amazon!

mindy said...

Navel-gazing also known as omphaloskepsis--s the contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation. It is well known in the usually jocular phrase directed towards self-absorbed pursuits: "contemplating one's navel" or "navel-gazers". This criticism is also often leveled at professions which are interested in themselves: movies about Hollywood, for example, or television shows about television writers.

from Wikipedia

Native Minnow said...

And to think, I was so mad at MCB for not taking me along on that Amazon trip. I guess it worked out better for the two of you than it would have for me ;-)

andrea said...

what a sweet love story! I don't think I knew your engagement story. How is that possible? Very sweet!

J said...

i copied your meme, even though you didn't tag me! :-) it's my first official post after my hiatus from blogging. great stories you have!