Monday, November 09, 2009

The Obligatory Halloween Post

The best things about Halloween this year:

1. The kids wanted to be things that were very easy for me, as we already had bunny & cat ears, and Sprout conveniently was the right size for the little cow suit.

2. As it was on a Saturday, our friends had an afternoon halloween party that was very fun. I ate way too much yummy food (which was fun for me).

3. The kids actually didn't trick or treat that much, so rationing their candy (after the first couple of days) wasn't that big of a deal. They finished the last of it this morning.

4. We get free pumpkins thanks to my in-laws' garden. Yippee!

And because I'm messing around with the picture size, some of them look a little blurrier than they should. Click on them for a crisper version (if you care that much).


Debra said...

Gosh they were cute! Thanks for letting us go with you. It was sure fun!

Mary said...

Kids love face paint, don't they? You could probably get them to dress up as anything as long as they get to wear makeup of some sort.

The Patty Cake House said...

Those are some cute little critters you have there!!! :)